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Led by founder/creative director Michele Sawyer, Sawyer Design Vision converts brand messaging into inspired design solutions that drive sales.
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Sawyer Design Vision

New York City

Michele Sawyer Creative Director, Sawyer Design Vision New York City

Sawyer Design Vision, New York City



Great brands are born of great passion. Great strategic design captures the essence of that passion. Assembling a team of world-class creatives driven by finding the most eloquent solutions is why SDV brands constantly break records, stand the test of time, and are continually found on beauty counters around the globe.

Founder and Creative Strategist Michele Sawyer, in collaboration with Strategist and Storyteller Erin Harrell, bring together decades of experience working with some of the world’s most iconic beauty brands and indie startups.

“Holding the space, through whatever means necessary, until a founder makes their first heartfelt connection with their brand, is what we call ‘the brand moment.’ When the thousands of big and small pieces finally dovetail, the brand pops. And it’s here, in this moment, the founder experiences a shift. A form of transcendence, where all the hard work, anxiety, and relatedness self-doubt become (in a heartbeat) nothing but absolute certainty. Their heart opens, there’s a tear, and they become so poised for a few split seconds. But it’s here, we all know, a truly authentic brand just came to life. …Now, we can get to work!”
Michele Sawyer

SDV has built a reputation for developing customized paths for brands to succeed in the category or space where they chose to make their mark and leave a legacy. Your essential brand partner in the luxury personal care, beauty, wellness, and beverage space.

Call us. Let’s grab a coffee and start working on that moment.


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